World Cup 2006: by Ashvin Lad

Hanging out with Chicago friends Andrew and Nicole Van Cleve (picture below). I met up with them for the day. Andrew has been to to the last 4 World Cups and almost every major sporting event. Check out his website at I've been to 3 sporting events with the self proclaimed Ultimate Fan. He does live up to the billing.

With 30 minutes before game time, Andrew and I found someone with a ticket to spare. I got it for 80 Euros. Now the only problem is that the name of the ticket holder is on the ticket and they supposedly check IDs. I guess if I didn't get in, it would be a souvenier, and if I did, well, then it would be worth it. The name on the ticket was a female's. I was Lara Fahl. I handed it to the ticket taker. She looked at it, and then looked at me. Didn't ask for a passport. At this point, I am just hoping that the ticket is real. She scanned it, and a green light went off. I was in!!!! This was the sight that I saw when I sat in my seat. My eyes started to water..only slightly.

Games Attended with Ashvin Lad
05-24-2005 Astros at Cubs
11-13-2005 49ers at Bears
10-29-2006 49ers at Bears
06-22-2006 USA vs. Ghana