Andrew Koob (aka Koob) is one of the tried and true fans who ventured on multiple 700 mile trips with the Ultimate Fan. Two to be exact. One trip was to Atlanta and Louisville for a Braves game and the Kentucky Derby. But most impressively, Koob did the Iron Man of Fandemonium: Four games in four days with the Ultimate Fan. They drove all day from Chicago to Pittsburg (Thursday Night) just to see the Pirates get rained out. Then, they went to New York to see the Yankees for a Friday night game…then, drove Saturday afternoon to see Ravens in Baltimore…then drove on Saturday night to Cleveland to see the Indians play on Sunday afternoon. Check out a few of his comments on the highlights of the trip as well as a few other random thoughts about a game (or two or four) with the ultimate fan.

Trips with the Ultimate Fan: by Andrew Koob

Van Cleve, website is awesome. I was hoping for personal accounts. Like at the Mariners-Yankees game with the traffic and us being in a mustang with Oklahoma plates in Manhattan. And that they handed out socks but everyone balled them up and threw them at griffey. And the braves-phillies game where they hit the grandslam off maddux in the 9th and the ball dropped right in front of us after you were yelling at Dykstra all game. And the giants-pirates where that guy drove up the same day from florida and had to go back the next day and got screwed because of the rain out. i went to a hockey game with you once too but have no idea which one it was or when it was.

Trip #1
08-15-1996 Giants at Pirates (ppd)
08-16-1996 Mariners at Yankees
08-17-1996 Packers at Ravens
08-18-1996 Tigers at Indians

Trip #2
05-03-1996 Phillies at Braves
05-04-1996 Kentucky Derby