Luke Van Cleve (age 9 - Cousin of The Ultimate Fan) is an "Ultimate-Fan-in-Training." In fact, letís just grant him the title of "Ultimate Kid Fan 2005." Luke has been to an impressive three World Series games (1 in San Francisco and 2 in Chicago), as well as an All Star Game. The following is an article written by guest writer and "Ulimate Kid Fan," Luke Van Cleve reporting directly from World Series Game 1 and 2. He didn't give this article a title, but when he handed it in to his teacher for a grade, she wrote "Sticky, but Well Done!" on the top. (He did it on the kitchen table & was eating something sticky at the time.) So, here it goes...Luke's first, published article:

Sticky, but Well Done! by Luke Van Cleve

I've been to three World Series games. The White Sox and the Giants. My favorite is the White Sox. I like this one because it's their first World Series in 46 years and if they win it's going to be their first World Series win since 1917.

When I was six, I went to the Giants World Series game against the Angels. The game I went to was a 16 - 4 Giants win. Back then I didn't understand and was only playing at the wiffle ball stadium and reading the program. My Dad was saying, "World Series! Twenty feet in front of you!!" Now I understand and watch the game and keep score.

There were about 41,200 people there on Saturday and I bet there were as many emotions as people there. People were happy, joyful, excited, and some even angry. The Astros' fans were furious and angry because their team played good and still lost 5 - 3. The White Sox' fans were happy and joyful because their team won. People who weren't for either side were excited just to be there. In the eighth inning the Astros had runners on 1st & 3rd with no outs. Neal Cotts then struck out Morgan Ensberg & Mike Lamb. Then White Sox ace closer Bobby Jenks came in and struck out Jeff Bagwell to shut them down. He also struck out Sonoma County native Jason Lane & Adam Everett in the ninth inning.

41,432 people. Grand Slam. Walk off. This has the makings of a World Series game. Before the game there was an "X" in centerfield and then two skydivers with parachutes came down and almost landed on the "X". One had a flag that said SOX and the other had no flag. Bo Jackson (former White Sock and football player) threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Robin Ventura (former White Sock.) Then my cousin Nicole's friend got to walk out onto the mound.

In the seventh inning it was bases loaded for the White Sox' biggest hitter Paul Konerko. On the first pitch, he hit it real far and it was over the wall for a grand slam! 6 to 4 White Sox over the Astros. Then in the ninth inning the Astros scored two runs on Jose Vizcaino's single. 6 all. Now here's where it gets interesting. In the bottom of the ninth Juan Uribe came really close to winning but got out on a long pop fly. Then the White Sox leadoff man Scott Podsednik who had zero homers in the regular season and one before in the playoffs, came through in the clutch and hit a home run to end the game!

Game 1 Final Score: White Sox 5 Astros 3
Home Runs Jermaine Dye to right in the 1st Mike Lamb to center in the 2nd
Joe Crede to center in the 4th

Game 2 Final Score: White Sox 7 Astros 6
Home Runs Morgan Ensberg to left in the 2nd Paul Konerko to left in 7th
Scott Podsednik to center in the 9th

Games Attended with Luke Van Cleve
07-12-2003 Braves at Cubs
07-15-2003 National at American
07-18-2003 Tigers at White Sox
10-01-2003 Marlins at Giants
10-01-2003 Red Sox at Athletics
10-22-2005 Astros at White Sox
10-23-2005 Astros at White Sox