Ultimate Fan, Meet Ultimate Geek: by Michael Nadel

Let's face it, I'm a geek. I like computers and I loathe team sports; I can better explain 100110 than a fumble. My mom delights in relaying my infamous "Tee Ball Incident." The "Tee Ball Incident" starts innocently enough, with a friendly wave and a simple question, "Would Mike like to join the Tee Ball team that I coach?" I peered up from my makeshift science lab on the grass mound separating my house from our neighbor's, only to see my mom answer yes. Several days later I found myself somewhere near second base of a park district field, still attempting to come to terms with the fact that I'm on a sports team. I'm not sure what scared me more: the possibility of being hit by a speeding whiffle ball, or needing to field a fly ball hit my direction. Evidentally, though, I found a way to cope. Completely ignoring the fact that I'm in the outfield of an ongoing game, I proceeded to pick up the orange cone demarcating second base, and use it as if it were the Hubble telescope, peering into the depths of outer space. If only the makeshift telescope were more powerful, I might have been able to prove the Big Bang theory by confirming the existence of cosmic background radiation.

So why, you might ask, am I traveling halfway around the globe with The Ultimate Fan in order to go to a World Cup game? Hell, I wish I knew the answer. Perhaps I'm trying to make right the past, proving to my mom, coach, and former teammates that I'm not as big a dolt as I seemed on that dreadful day? What better way to prove that I'm a sports fan than to travel to western Europe to watch the world's most popular sport?

Those of you whom are initiatied may be quick to point out that I will not actually be attending a single game. To you, I must say...well, that I concede. The prospect of absorbing, first-hand, the excitement of a world of people (regardless of the source) sounds like an incredible experience. I guess I'm still that same kid, finding awe around every corner of the universe.

Games Attended with Mike Nadel
08-31-2002 Cardinals at Cubs 1
05-09-2005 Mets at Cubs
08-15-2005 Twins at White Sox
04-24-2006 Marlins at Cubs
04-23-2007 Brewers at Cubs
12-13-2008 Sabres at Devils
12-14-2008 Rutgers at Army
12-14-2008 Penn St. at Connecticut