Will Travel if you have game

The Ultimate Fan has traveled far and wide for sporting events. Now you can also travel like the Ultimate Fan or just read about it. Check out articles written by those who have traveled with the Ultimate Fan. Browse itineraries, articles and tips that will have you traveling and learning about how to plan trips that even the wife will enjoy. And don't forget the scalping techniques that will get you into the game and keep money in your pocket.

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The Trips:
The Sports Trips
Buffalo Dec-99

Phoenix Mar-00
Texas Dec-00

Boston Jan-01
North Carolina Apr-01
Canton Aug-01
Eastern Canada Nov-01

Philadelphia Feb-02
Korea May-02
Japan Jun-02
New York Sep-02
San Francisco Nov-02
Miami Dec-02

Tampa Jan-03
Hawaii Feb-03
Memphis Mar-03
Washington DC Mar-03
Detroit Jun-03

Central Florida Jan-04
Dublin Feb-04
Las Vegas Mar-04
Daytona Jul-04
San Juan Jul-04
New Orleans Nov-04
Spain Dec-04

The Netherlands Apr-05
France May-05

Italy Mar-06
Germany/France Jun-06

St. Lucia Mar-07
Philadelphia May-07
Rio de Janeiro Jul-07
Europe Oct-07
Route 66 Nov-07

Switzerland/Austria Jun-08
San Francisco Jul-08
Europe Nov-08
Atlanta/Florida Dec-08

Aspen Jan-09
Dublin Feb-09
Mexico Mar-09

Major Travel Events

1984 Olympics @ Los Angeles
1994 World Cup @ USA
1998 World Cup @ France
2001-02 Champions League @ Czech Republic
2001-02 UEFA Cup @ Czech Republic
2002 World Cup @ SouthKorea/Japan
2004 Six Nations @ Ireland
2003-04 UEFA Cup @ The Netherlands
2006 Six Nations @ Italy
2006 World Cup @ Germany
2007 Cricket World Cup @ St. Lucia
2007 Pan American Games @ Rio de Janeiro
2007 Rugby World Cup @ Paris
2008 Euro Cup @ Switzerland/Austria
2008-09 Champions League @ England
2008-09 UEFA Cup @ France
2009 Six Nations @ Ireland